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  • What is LibrePlan?

    LibrePlan is a collaborative tool to plan, monitor and control projects and has a rich web interface which provides a desktop alike user experience. All the team members can take part in the planning and this makes possible to have a real-time planning .

    LibrePlan is open source and you can download, install and customize it for free.

  • Multi-project application

    It is usual that you need to manage more than one project at a time, with resources that participate in several projects.

    LibrePlan was designed thinking of these scenarios where multiple projects and resources interact to carry out the work inside a company.

  • Connect LibrePlan

    It is common that some of the data needed by planning tools are stored in other applications of the IT infrastructure. When this is the case, if you reuse this shared data you save both time and money by avoiding to insert them manually in two different points.

    LibrePlan makes this sharing possible by providing a wide set of web services to import and export data.

  • Join the community

    LibrePlan is an open source application licensed under AGPL and one of our hallmarks is the open and community oriented way to manage the project.

    We are several companies and organizations taking care and pushing it and we like to collaborate, to listen to our users, to help people to become a contributor... This is why we invite everybody to embrace LibrePlan and to join our community. You are welcome!

  • 02/27/2014
    The book "LibrePlan, the missing manual" becomes available!  Hello people, It has taken a lot of work, but now the result is there.  “LibrePlan, the missing manual...
  • 01/09/2014
    LibrePlan, number 2 in list of great Project Management applications!Hi people, Recently Robin Muilwijk wrote a story on titled “Top 5 open source project manageme...
  • 12/24/2013
    LibrePlan, behind the scenesIt’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost about LibrePlan, but apart from that things have been very busy. T...
  • 12/02/2013
    A new community managerIn november 2013 Jeroen Baten, a long time LibrePlan user and contributor, has accepted the position of community manager.
  • 10/13/2013
    LibrePlan book is in the works...TweetHi all, I just wanted to give you all an update on what I have been bussy with. To me one of the most important thi...
  • 07/01/2013
    Project margins feature added to LibrePlan.Hello, It’s been a while and Miciele has been very busy developing stuff for LibrePlan. Our latest developmen...
  • 06/27/2013
    LibrePlan took part at CISTI'2013A tabu search scheduling module tested in LibrePlan was presented.
  • 05/20/2013
    LibrePlan at LinuxTag 2013, 22 to 25 May, BerlinWe will be spreading the work done on some new features and improvements on LibrePlan.
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