Professional support

We understand the challenges of modern project management.

Not only our rock-solid software, but also your daily project management challenges.

We are here to help you!


In case:


  • you are interested in the LibrePlan Enterprise services we can offer.
  • you need more information on cloud services, consultancy, development or training.
  • If you have any other inquiry about LibrePlan and you want a solid answer from the LibrePlan Enterprise experts.


Please send an e-mail to and we will get in touch with you.


Community support

In LibrePlan we also provide a set of public channels so that users, developers and contributors can communicate among each other with regard to any topic related to the project.


Ask a question

This is the preferred and recommended communication channel to help you with any doubt, question, suggestion, ... about LibrePlan.


We provide a low-traffic Question/Answer forum at the following URL:


If you have a question regarding LibrePlan please drop an email to


IRC channel

It is possible to get in touch with us in IRC too. People around the project are usually connected to the " #libreplan" channel of the Freenode IRC server.


Feel free to chat live with us there. We like to talk with people about any topic related to LibrePlan: you can ask questions about the program and share ideas.


If you can not contact us on IRC, please send an email with your question to